Stephen Woolston

The life of fear versus the life of love

Sometimes, the way I see coaching is to support people transition from living the life of fear to the life of love.

What does that mean?

A life of fear is led when we see the world as an impoverished place and we fear suffering the poverty because we’re not worth it. We engage in people pleasing behaviours with no boundaries and we sacrifice balance and self care to over compensate for our fears.

A life of love is led when we see the world as an abundant place and we know we can share that abundance because we know we matter. We engage in joyous contribution with well set boundaries and we maintain balance and self care to maintain our ability to continue that joyous contribution.

What I’ve learned to see is that the foundation stone for living the life of love instead of the life of fear is simply this: experiencing that we matter.

Wishing you health and happiness,