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My story and how The Peaceful Influencers Project was born

I've been there!

Successful, but ill-at-ease. Stressed. Anxious. Self-doubting. Self-critical. Lacking self-care. Working too many hours and lacking healthy boundaries.

It’s not that I wasn’t doing good work. I just felt negative.

I call these conditions the spiritual diseases of modern living. I got to a point where I was ready to turn it around. I connected with my coach and started the work.

At first I wasn’t sure there was another way to be that worked. I feared that if I felt more positive I would be less motivated. Not so. Really, not so. It was just a joy to be positively rather than negatively motivated for a change.

I’m so glad I took that decision.

One day, I was speaking to the Three Principles teacher, Elsie Spittle. We talked about the need I started to see in the world. Our workplaces are largely unhealthy. Self-care is poor. I was already a coach facilitating people in the context of their problems and goals, and I started to see people struggling like I had. I knew I could be of assistance.

We started talking about the influence of peaceful people and the penny dropped.

The Peaceful Influencers Project

I have a name for people who live and work from a more peaceful ground of being. I call them the Peaceful Influencers. I call my coaching work The Peaceful Influencers Project because I dream of our living and working places becoming well again, because they filled with people accessing their greatest capacity for wellness and equanimity.

I would love to connect with people who are now where I was then.

People ready to take a similar step.

Is that you?

Wishing you health and happiness,