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My story and how The Peaceful Influencers Project was born

How did this start?

Well, like a lot of professional people working in high-pressure corporate jobs, I came to a place in my career where I started to suffer the level of my responsibilities. I felt stress. I felt anxiety.

A friend recommended I learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which I did. I found it to be amazing. I became a convert to what could be achieved applying its models. I dived in deep, went full-tilt and became one of the highly trained practitioners and trainers.

After some years, I started to see something new. I saw people doing wonderful work with clients, but with much less effort. I explored wider and came to an interesting conclusion:

Most people don’t need to do a lot of work.

Most people, in the communion of a skilled and patient facilitator, can unravel things for themselves. I saw a gentler way of working which is more holistic, natural and generative.

This is where my studies and practices shifted. Over about ten years, I studied the coaches, teachers and bodies of knowledge for these gentler forms of coaching work.

I started to see a need in the world. Our workplaces are largely unhealthy. Self-care is poor. People suffer the spiritual diseases of modern living, such as stress and anxiety.

Now, let’s be clear. No one has achieved perfection. That’s not the goal anyway. We can all get reactived by something.

However, I started to see a way of being in the corporate world that put peacefulness and self-care on a high pedestal. I nurtured that and started to see that living and working from a more peaceful place was not only happier and healthier, it actually increased my influence and impact. People wanted to come to me to ask how we should do things.

In 2017, at a weekend of Katie Abbott’s Pause Place, I was with the Three Principles teacher Elsie Spittle talking about, among other things, how her friend and teacher Syd Banks loved the TV series Kung-Fu. We started to talk about the influence of peaceful people.

That’s when the penny dropped for me. The influence of peaceful people. With that, The Peaceful Influencers Project was born.

Wishing you health and happiness,