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The Peaceful Influencers Project

This is my flagship programme, which can be taken individually or as a group programme. It has three objectives:

We need to change our lives and work places from the inside out

Too many of our work places are unwell. Stress and anxiety is rife. Success and productivity are impaired.

My big dream is seeing lives and working spaces all around the world filled not just with success, but with love and wellness too. Wellness that will lead to even more happiness and success.

My dream is to see corporate happiness and success working together.

My goal is to coach people to carry such a peaceful ground of being with them that they are not only happier and more successful in themselves, but they are influencing these work spaces from the inside out.

It is a call to action

The Peaceful Influencers Project is a call for people in corporate and professional jobs to create an environment of succeeding with wellness from the grass roots, starting with themselves.

The programme is a combination of coaching and learning:

This work has an eye on the higher purpose of people turning their lives and works into something that rides above the toxicity of corporate workplaces and day-to-day anxiety.

Stephen Woolston Coaching and The Peaceful Influencers Project

The influencers of tomorrow will be those who bring such peaceful grounding that they cannot help but influence the world around them.

Such people are not just healthier and happier in themselves, they are beacons of healthy creativity to those around them.

Participating as an individual

You can take the Peaceful Influencers journey as an individual over twelve private coaching sessions. If you wish to learn this way, take a look at the private coaching page here. The only difference is we’ll be focused on the objectives of the Peaceful Influencers group programme.

Participating in the group programme

It is my intention that every year we will run a Peaceful Influencers Project group programme which will entail group coaching and learning over five days, one day per month at weekends.

Details of the next group programme will be coming soon, but in the meantime don’t forget it is possible to do this journey individually.

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