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The peaceful mind on-line group space

Join us in an experience of sharing, learning and peaceful mind.

It’s low cost, easy to join, open and you’re welcome.

The peaceful mind online group space is a recurring online group meeting I facilitate every one or two months. It happens in the evenings, generally a Wednesday at 8.00pm and runs for about ninety minutes.

It’s open to anyone who is interested in living and working from a more peaceful place, or just wants to have a peaceful ninety minutes.

You don’t have to do anything. You can just join and listen if you wish. We will share the space, connect to the peace, share and experience some peaceful mind practices.

What do we do?

These sessions are about giving people like you some time and space to to slow down, share, learm and experience some peaceful mind.

These sessions have four stages:

First, we meet, connect, slow down and become present while experiencing the restorative power of silence.

Second, after we have all become present, we’ll open the space up to anyone who wants to share or speak something into the space. This may lead to some gently enquiry.

Third, I will share some learning from my experiences as a coach and trainer that I hope will be useful to you.

Finally, I will lead the group in a peaceful mind practice.

This is not like business training! There will be a lot of silence, because we use presence with silence as a tool. There will be eyes-closed practices. There will be gentle sharing.

As these sessions are online, you don’t need to leave your home. You can join on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s really easy!

Do I have to share something?


You can share something in the space if you want to, but you don’t have to. The space is there for you to share if you would like to use it and it may be therapeutic to do so, but there really is nothing you have to do but be present. You can just attend and listen if you want.

What’s the sharing about?

There is something therapeutic and connecting about sharing. It can be just a word. It can be something about how you’re feeling. It can be a story. It can be a question you’d like to hear something back on.

What if no one wants to share?

That’s perfectly fine. Really, nobody has to share anything. We won’t hurry, though. When we’re in the part of the session which is open for sharing, we may very well have periods of silence while we wait to see if someone feels moved to speak.

How do I connect?

These meetings use Zoom video. Zoom is a free application and when you click on the link you’ll be guided to download and install it. Please allow ten minutes before the session starts to do that. It’s even better if you download Zoom ahead of time.

What are the rules of participating?

There are just four rules:

  1. Fully respect the confidentiality of the space
  2. Don’t share anything you’re not comfortable sharing in the group
  3. No interrupting—everyone has the space to speak without interruption
  4. Join the space from a peaceful, quiet, private place.

How much does it cost?

Your contribution to share the space is just £10 plus a small EventBrite handling charge of £1.25.

These group spaces are open but places are limited. To attend, you need to register at the links below.

Choose peacefulness as your way of life.

The next space is: 24th April, 8pm

To avoid disappointment, get advanced notice and an early booking opportunity for future spaces by registering for the free, fortnightly supportive coaching letter. See the box below this one.

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