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Stephen Woolston: Coach and Trainer

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Supporting professional people to create a happier and more successful experience of their lives and works— and learn to live and work from a deeper, more peaceful ground of being. (Read my story!)

My clients are frequently high functioning, successful people. Failure is not implied by starting this work. Even successful people suffer the spiritual diseases of modern living. Sometimes more than others.

Feeling better, doing better

We can dress it up with fancy words, but in simple terms my coaching is all about feeling better and doing better.

It’s about dealing with what needs to be dealt with and learning to experience more peace and happiness in harmony with doing great work with our goals and projects.

There is a practical side and a spiritual side to the work we do. It is therapeutic, restorative and constructive.

Success without the burnout

Is this coaching about success?


I’m not interested in success without wellness, though. Success with wellness is what I want to talk about. If that’s what you want to talk about too, I would love to hear from you.

Balance of mind and emotion

My work here is based on a simple truth:

When we learn to live and work from a more peaceful ground of being, not only do we become happier and healthier, our relationships improve, our clarity and focus improves; and it increases our impact and influence in the world.

It’s a balance of mind and emotion rooted in insight. It is the foundation for feeling better and doing better in the world.

Services and group programmes

If your work is too important for you to take time out for self care, it’s too important for you not to!

I don’t coach because I’m greater than you—I’m not. I coach because you’re greater than you realise.

Other links and information

Stephen is someone you can trust to guide you in your desired direction with integrity, skill and compassion. In a world where so much is promised it feels important to find someone who will offer a voice of honesty and the presence of sincerity. I believe Stephen has a heart and mind perfectly suited to assist you in your journey through life. I feel honored to consider him a friend and colleague.

Katie Abbott, Pause Place.

Let’s leave it in the hands of God, said he. What if we are the hands of God, said I.

Who do I work with?

If you are the kind of client I work with, at least three of these statements will be true:

  • You absolutely want to succeed, but with greater wellness
  • You are working through difficult life changes or problems
  • You feel you need to sort your life out
  • You want relief from over thinking, stress and anxiety
  • You wanting more peace of mind
  • You want more free time
  • You are bored
  • You want to take better care of yourself emotionally
  • You want to love yourself more and criticise yourself less
  • You want to be more present with the beauty of living in the now
  • You want to be more influential in your own world
  • You have secret ambitions or goals
  • You want to improve your work and relationships

Inspiration and thoughts

You create success. Success doesn’t create you.

Life is both the yin and the yang. A dance of the active and the passive. Of being the guide and the guided. Of being the mover and the moved.

Complaining is not a strategy. Change starts with a decision and the acts of creation which follow.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. (Anais Nin)

Sometimes, the best way to speed up is to first slow down.

The path to inner peace cannot be not war with the inner self.

If you feel yourself resisting a conversation about self-care or cynicism towards a conversation about love and wellbeing in the context of succeeding more in the world, we should talk. Subject to availability, I will block out two hours for you.

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