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“The qualities that Stephen brings to his coaching are perfectly suited. Like his presence, his work is subtle and yet strong. Intuitively, he knows where to listen, what to ask and where to guide. He has integrity, skill, experience, and, most importantly of all, he cares. Whatever you’re looking for this is a man you want in your corner. Be warned, working with Stephen could change your life.”

Lisa Wood, Programme Support Director, Pause Place

“The coaching I was fortunate enough to be gifted by you was life changing. It was a revelation and the start of a new unravelling. You worked intuitively with grace and depth. Through the questions you asked and with the safety you provided, I was able to see something from my past had caused a self limiting belief that has held me back so often. This seeing was powerful and I believe has been a major influence in enabling me to stop procrastinating and step up to create and share my new website.

“I would take pleasure in recommending you to anyone who is looking to release blocks to evolving their business or personal lives. I would also highly recommend you for your easily accessible and enjoyable teachings of language uses. Your wisdom and knowledge combine to create something quite magical. Thank you!”

Emma W.

“Stephen is someone with whom you can trust. Trust to guide you in your desired direction with integrity, skill and compassion. In a world where so much is promised it feels important to find someone who will offer a voice of honesty and the presence of sincerity. I believe that Stephen has a heart and mind perfectly suited to assist you in your journey through life. I feel honored to consider him a friend and colleague.”

Katie Abbott, director of Pause Place.

“Stephen picks things up really quickly and easily. I have found him to be a pleasure to work with and teach and someone who demonstrates competence with confidence again and again.”

Owen Fitzpatrick, Master Trainer, author and presenter-expert of RTE1’s life change TV show Not Enough Hours.

“The coaching I had with Steve was very helpful and enlightening. He helped me to prepare for an important interview and to look at some family concerns in a completely different light. He has a natural ability to work with people. He works subtlely: it often wasn’t until after the sessions that I really realised what he did. I always left the sessions feeling extremely positive and ready to tackle my challenges. I would thoroughly recommend Steve.”

Karl C, manager

“Steve, you have the ability to engage with people and build rapport very quickly. That makes me feel at home and know you want to help me. Your good listening and good questioning really gets to the core of my concerns very quickly and you always pull the most appropriate tool out of your kitbag. It feels like two friends chatting, yet I come away feeling 100% better and knowing that I have the control and power to change my life. I have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Tim W, project manager

“Thought provoking session from Stephen Woolston last night. Lots of notes taken. Lots more to read about. Thanks again for a great talk. The depth of your knowledge is inspiring!”

Pat D, hypnotherapist

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I recently completed Steve’s NLP training and I am so happy. You’ll find Steve’s training is incredible value and you’ll learn so much about how we work and think. Treat yourself, book up with Steve, and I know you will find it as rewarding as I have in bringing about positive and powerful changes. Highly recommended!”

Mark K, project manager

“Steve is one of those trainers who does thorough research, and easily formats what he learns. He knows how to teach NLP as it is meant to be taught and communicates complex ideas really clearly. He’s a well-trained and very capable trainer.”

John La Valle, president of The Society of NLP—Richard Bandler and co-author with Richard of “Persuasion Engineering®”

“I found the NLP course to be very informative and well worth the cost. I found Stephen very professional and he even catered to my needs by taking time out from his break to teach me extra memory techniques! This is somebody that goes the extra mile for people and I would highly reccommend him!”

Sheila M, professional comedienne and counsellor

“Steve delivered a tailored course to meet our needs on time and at a very competitive rate. He taught over 60 colleagues over a few months with excellent feedback from the attendees. I took part on the course and found it extremely beneficial as I am implementing what I learned to deliver excellent results.”

David F, manager

“I highly recommend Steve Woolston. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few licensed internationally through The Society of NLP—Richard Bandler.”

Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

“I had resolved to do some new things in my life, however I found myself increasingly avoiding them, despite seeing the clear advantage in doing them. Steve helped me unravel everything that was holding me back. I got totally back on track. I found his style very professional and his embedding techniques extremely effective.”

Andre W, coach and project manager

“The NLP Practitioner I did with Steve was excellent in every respect. It was great value as it gave me a real understanding of NLP and the confidence to actively use it in everyday life. I found it a life changing experience. Steve is an extremely effective trainer with endless enthusiasm and expertise. He is also an extremely approachable person. His attitude, encouragement and support make the course extra effective and enjoyable. I would recommend Steve without reservation.”

Kay H, project manager

“I definitely recommend Steve. He led us through many powerful techniques. I started benefitting from the training from the very first class and now regularly apply skills in the office and my personal life. It’s amazing how simple, yet effective, they are. Steve is a great coach who helped us get the most out of the training. He was able to answer all my questions.”

Jeremy Y

“Steve’s teaching is such a joy. He is passionate for people to really understand and benefit. The course was well constructured and easy to take in. I have benefited from this training already as I have overcome obstacles that were presenting me problems. I can throughly recommend Steve and his training.”


“Steve, just a quick word to say that taking the NLP Practitioner with you was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I started my coaching business. It has not only enhanced my coaching skills but has enriched my own personal development.”

Nadia C, confidence coach

“I attended Stephen’s NLP training whilst on a work placement from University. I was one of the youngest people there and I thought perhaps NLP would be over my head as I hadn’t spent much time in the working environment. However, I was wrong. Stephen’s enthusiasm coupled with his extensive knowledge of NLP made it enjoyable to attend, and I’d highly recommend it to all ages!”

Sabina R, student

“I really enjoyed the introduction course! The course content and material was taught at a very good pace. The course encourages self-awareness of your own communication, this is a thought provoking area for self-reflection. Several weeks on from attending the course I am enjoying using some of the techniques and disciplines I learned!”

Wendy C, procurement consultant

“I had developed an idea and approached another coach for help. They left me feeling it was unachievable and wouldn’t be necessary if I was better in some way. Something I’d been passionate about suddenly looked silly and irrelevant. I talked to Steve about my experience, and his approach was completely different. He helped me re-engage with why I thought the idea was important and worthwhile. I got my enthusiasm back and, from our work together, I was able to develop the idea and get it out with a really positive uptake.”

Katie B

“Thank you for a very enjoyable course! It was full of practicals that really helped the penny drop and I had lots of ‘Oh, yes!’ moments. I have used what I learned to overcome fears and I would encourage anyone who likes helping people to take your course.”

Frances B

“Just to let you know that Monday’s presentation went really well. I ended up doing a 25 minute slot! I also got a call from the project manager afterwards saying it was really good. Marvellous! Thanks you for your help in this, much appreciated.”

Carl B

“Thank you so much for helping my wife. Her anxiety about speaking at our daughter’s wedding caused so many tears. She felt so much more confident after your work and I’m happy to report she gave a wonderful speech. Thanks again.”

Mr. P, after I helped his wife.

“Stephen is one of those few individuals who continuously searches for new ideas. He asks intelligent questions and can figure out his own answers as well. Plus he is a great guy. Give yourself a chance and meet him.”

Gabriel Guerrero, Master Trainer of NLP

“There are lots of people who think they know all the answers in NLP. Steve is one of the few who understands the questions. I’m happy to endorse him.”

Eric Robbie, Master Trainer of NLP

“Stephen is highly knowledgable in the field of personal change and development. He’s a meticulous and thorough professional who I am privileged to know. I highly recommend him as a trainer and a contact as he is generous with his knowledge. He is highly intuitive and works with integrity. Stephen is one of my first points of contact when I need to understand something better. I look forward to remaining in contact and learning lots more from him”

Claire M, hypnotherapist

“Stephen’s dedication to his work is highly commendable. He was consistently professional throughout my NLP Practitioner course, and his in-depth subject knowledge and experience gave me great insight and enthusiasm to the world of coaching.”

Chris G, recruitment manager

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